Our Story

Weddings are fun. Getting dressed up is fun.  But getting dressed up for your own wedding?  There's nothing like it. At Liberty and Lace, our goal is to create a laid back and casual approach to bridal. As you celebrate this important event, we'll help you feel like the most beautiful and true version of yourself. We want Liberty and Lace to be a space where brides can be themselves, find their dream wedding dress, and have a really fun time along the way. We celebrate confidence and individuality, and if you feel like practicing your dance moves and droppin’ it low, go on girl!

We opened our doors in October 2018 but had our name decided months prior. We define Liberty as the state of being free, with the power to do as one pleases. Lace is obviously a fabric, but we prefer this definition: to fasten, draw together, to entwine. Put these two words together and you get a little combo we seriously adore: a bride who’s independent and enjoys the power of her own choice, but also knows the heart-swelling feeling of being drawn to that special someone. We think that being true to who you are is the most beautiful thing, and what better day to do that than on your wedding day.


About Julie

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